The Best Leather iPhone 12 Cases from Barchello Leather

Apple introduced the last iPhone 12 in October 2020. In iPhone 12 series, Apple developed a new A14 Bionic Chip, the fastest smartphone chip ever. The newly designed screen of the iPhone 12 delivers four times better drop performance. The latest iPhone is available in three different options (iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone Pro Max) and four different colors (Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver, and Graphite.) Since it is a high-end product, you still need to take care of your phone not facing minor issues like scratches at the corner of your phone frame. Also, buying a phone case is a great idea to complement your style with an impressive touch.  Here, in Barchello Leather we offer a variety of leather iPhone 12 cases, and let’s pick the best ones for your next purchase.

Leather Cases for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

The classic fashion of the iPhone 12 Pro leather case gives you a sense of authenticity combined with the modern design of Apple. The long-lasting product of the iPhone 12 phone case is an ideal complement for your daily use. Our leathers are completely produced by natural cow leather, so you can use them more comfortably compared to artificially produced leather cases. That is why it has natural marks on the case to boost your appearance with an exclusive product.


Also, our leather cases have multiple uses like a wallet! You no longer need to carry a bulky wallet on your own. The portable design of the iPhone 12 Pro leather case has 2 slots for your ID and credit card. Our case is compatible with wireless charging, so you don’t have to pay for your orders hands-free. Note that, the case has a kickstand for a hands-free viewing experience while watching films. Also, you will easily access your earphone and charging ports, it will definitely fit in your phone case. It is available for iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro models.

Detachable Wallet Cases for iPhone 12

The difference from this case from the first one is you can detach the wallet part of the phone case. This means you can your case for either wallet with your phone or just a regular phone case. The first part of the case is Snap-On the case and the latter is a magnetic detachable wallet. In this model, there are three slots and extra space for your cards and banknotes. We use higher quality leather in our products, so you don’t need to hesitate in your purchase decision. The ultra-slim and lightweight iPhone 12 case will you a sense of relief so it wouldn’t give your phone extra weight. Lastly, just like the classic leather cases your financial data is protected thanks to RFID technology so don’t be worried about a possible fraud anymore!

Shipping, Payment, and Refund  

We provide you free shipping for all our products all over the world! If you live in Europe and the US, we send your order in 2-3 business days. For other countries, this can be from three to five business days. Our products are guaranteed for 30 days if the product is undamaged or unused.